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1308:Seige of Aberdeen Castle

In 1298, the town was garrisoned by the English; but about ten years after, the citizens took possession of the Castle, and massacred the garrison; having taken part with Bruce, who, in testimony of their patriotic exertions, granted them permission to bear as the arms of the town, "gules, three towers triple towered, within a double tressure counterflowered argent, supported by two leopards proper, the motto in a scroll above 'bon accord,' " (that having been the watchword on the night when they rose against the English); and soon after he confirmed and extended the privileges formerly possessed by the citizens.

Aberdeen had a part to play in his victory during the Wars of Independence. In 1306, the castle was garrisoned by Edward I, but Aberdonians stormed it in a night-time raid, using 'Bon Accord' as a password. 'Bon Accord' is now the city's motto, appearing on the City Coat of Arms. At the time, Aberdeen was rewarded by a gift of land from King Robert the Bruce, which even now is referred to as the Freedom Lands, but they were punished in 1337 when Edward III stormed the city, destroying much of it.

The artwork depicts the wooden Castle on Castle Hill with Heading Hill to the right. The valley between became Park Lane then Commerce Street,  The Futtie Port is shown with the futtie wynd looping down the foot of Castle Hill to the Shorelands (destined to be Virginia Street)

It is thought the Castle and fortifications were burned down by King Robert The Bruce in June 1308, during the Wars of Scottish Independence immediately following the Harrying of Buchan. Bruce and his men laid siege to the Castle before massacring the English Garrison to prevent its use by Edward II's English troops. It is said the Scots showed no mercy "slew every man who fell into their hands. Edward I., indeed had already set the example of executing his prisoners, and it was not to be expected that the other side would fail to follow the same course" On 10 July 1308, English ships left Hartlepool to help the English garrison. However by August 1308, Gilbert Pecche and the last troops had all been forced out of the City. Following the destruction of Aberdeen Castle, Bruce marched his men to capture the Castle of Forfar.  Legend tells that the city's motto, Bon Accord came from the password used to initiate Bruce's final push and destruction of the Castle.

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