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1571:The Battle of Craibstone

On 20 November 1571 related to a feud between the Forbes and Gordon families, also took place in Justice Mill Lane a locality not far from the edge of the town in that time.

So called due to its proximity to Craibstone Croft, the battle was won by the Gordons who forced the Forbes into retreat in approximately one hour with the loss of sixty men.   Alexander, 2nd Lord Forbes of Pitsligo was killed at the Battle of Craibstone

The Crabstane (Crabs Stone, Craibstone, Craib Stone, Craibstane or Crabe Stone) is a boundary stone east of the Hargate that used to mark out part of Craibstone Croft The stone has a plaque above it with the inscription as follows:

The Crabstane. Boundary Stone on lands belonging to John Crab, Baillie of the Burgh in 1314. The stone also marks the site of the skirmish in 1571 between the rival families of Gordon and Forbes and of an engagement the Battle of Justice Mills in 1644 between the citizens of Aberdeen and the Royalist forces of the Marquis of Montrose.

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